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Principles & Tips

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    Speak in English

    Ani students are learning English at school and have basic English proficiency, so most (if not all) Ani sessions should be in English

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    Video Skype

    Use video Skype, not just audio. Also use other skype features like chat and share screen to make the most of your Ani sessions

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    Length of sessions

    Ani sessions should go for 30-45 min

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    You’re a coach, not a teacher

    Think of yourself as a coach / tutor helping your student practice / improve their English

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    Be overly cheery

    You’ll probably be nervous for the first session and your student will be very shy at first, but take the lead, be overly cheery, and by week 3 you’ll be best friends for life

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    The Coaching Guide is just a guide

    You don’t need to follow the Ani Coaching Guide word for word, you can tweak , chop, change as you feel best to help your student improve their English

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    Build a personal connection

    Spend time in the first few Ani sessions building a personal connection / friendship. Talk about interests, hobbies, travel, career ambition, etc.

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    Build a routine

    Try to stick to the same time for each Ani session. Things will come up and you can change the time of the sessions as required, but try your best to build routine

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    Skype & email for correspondence

    You’ll find skype is just as common as email for messaging in Armenia so use both to get intouch with your student

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    Probe & test understanding

    Most students will say ‘yes I understand’ when they really don’t because they don’t want to admit they don’t, so make sure you test and probe their understanding

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    Google translate

    If you can’t translate a word, there’s always google translate

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    Praise their progress

    Positive reinforcement is the best encouragement, so praise your Ani student when they get something right

Structure of Ani Sessions

Each Ani session is divided into 3 parts – general conversation, English activity, wrap-up

First 5-15 min

General conversation about both your weeks
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General Chit-Chat

• How was your week?
• What did you get up too?
• What did you learn in English class?
• Is there anything your struggling with / need help with?
• Share what you did this week

Next 20-25 min

English activity
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English Activity

Follow the assigned session activity for the week from the Ani Coaching Guide (download the guides below) or deep dive on an English topic the student needs help with (as identified by you or by the student)

Final 5 min

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• Congratulate your student on what they did well
• Suggest areas your student could focus on over the next week
• Provide a preview of next week’s Ani activity
• Goodbye

Ani Coaching Guides

Regardless of which level your Ani sessions are set to start at, the first Ani session is always an ice breaker aimed at introductions and getting to know eachother. Please use this session guide for your first Ani session. Getting to know eachother and connecting on a personal level will set you and your student up for a successful Ani relationship!

After the initial ice breaker session (above), use the respective Ani guide below for each session. Each guide covers a period of 12 weeks. At the end of the 12 week mark you can either stop Ani or continue onto the next level. Hopefully at the end of 12 weeks you’re enjoying Ani so much that you continue as most of our coaches do!

At the end of each level please let us know my emailing so we can send your student a Certificate of Completion!

If you have any questions checkout our FAQ page, or email us at

You’re all set to have an amazing Ani experience!!