Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple,

  1. Armenian students who want to learn English register as Students, Armenians from the diaspora who speak fluent English register as Coaches
  2. Students & Coaches are matched with each other by Ani based on common interests and time preference on when to do the Ani sessions
  3. Armed with the Ani Coaching Guide, Students & Coaches meet 1:1 via skype for 30-45 min each week to converse, practice and learn English
  4. Over time, Coaches help their Students improve their English proficiency one skype call at a time.
Nothing! Ani is completely free! Free for Students, free for Coaches.
Go to, click on the register button and fill out your details.
Pretty much anyone can be an Ani Coach, all you need is:

  1. Access to Skype
  2. Regular 30-45min commitment per week for a minimum of 12 weeks

You DON’T need to be able to speak Armenian nor have any prior teaching experience.

The requirements to be an Ani Student are:

  1. Be 10-16 years old
  2. Already have a basic level of English fluency
  3. Regular 30-45min commitment per week for a minimum of 12 weeks
  4. Access to Skype
  5. Permission from parents
  6. Commitment to turn up to agreed Ani sessions.
It’s the Coaches responsibility to guide each Ani session. To make the Coach’s job easy, we provide all Coaches with the Ani Coaching Guide. The Ani Coaching Guide is a fun, Skype friendly, session-by-session, series of activities for each Ani session. However, this guide is just a guide, so Coaches and Students can choose to deviate from it as they see fit. In the past, Students have asked Coaches to play a particular English game, help them with their English homework or help them understand a particular element of English that they’re struggling with. Essentially Coaches are free to do whatever helps their Student learn and improve their English.
We ask Students and Coaches to commit to at least 12 weeks to give Ani a real chance and recognize the commitment others are making. After the 12 weeks, participants can choose to continue or end their involvement with Ani.
It really truly is! Ani is designed with simplicity at its heart. The commitment is 30-45min per week. No previous teaching experience or preparation required.
Yes! We encourage all our sessions to be in English and we have many Coaches who speak very little or no Armenian at all.
Yes, you can still register to be a Student or a Coach. Just let the Ani team know when you register and we will consider it in the matching process.
No. Every month we have a new Ani intake, so you can register now and start coaching in 2 months time (or whenever you prefer). We will check-in with you before matching you with a Student.
The Ani sessions are built around you so they can be any time you prefer. When you register, we ask what time you’d like to do your Ani sessions and we match you with Students / Coaches based on that time. If something comes up one week and you need to change the time of the Ani session for that week or miss a certain week, you can do that too. All we ask is that you communicate that with your Student / Coach in advance so they’re not left waiting.
All you need is a spare 30-45min per week. Typically, Ani sessions will be on the weekend and as part of the registration process we’ll ask you for your preferred time on the weekend to do Ani. While we ask you for your preferred time for Ani, we also recognize everyone lives busy lives and things come up from time to time. So you can change the time of your Ani session on a certain week or miss a certain week, all we ask is that you communicate that with your Student / Coach in advance so they’re not left waiting.
Getting Skype is easy and completely free. Just go to
Absolutely not! Anyone can be a Coach (no previous teaching experience required). Our current coaches are business people, accountants, doctors, designers, university students, actors, IT professionals, trades people, new moms, etc. The Ani Coaching Guide tells Coaches exactly what do to and makes Ani accessible to all.
We match Students and Coaches based on common interests and time preference on when to do Ani. For example, a doctor from America may be matched with a young Armenian student who wants to be a doctor when they grow up. Or an avid Barcelona FC fan may be matched with a lifelong Real Madrid FC fan so they can talk about soccer.
We expect all our students to have a basic level of English proficiency and be able to hold basic English conversations. Ideally you are also learning English at school. Typically, our Ani students are in grades 6, 7, 8 or 9 at school.
Yes! The more the merrier! Tell them to go to and register.
You will receive an email from the Ani team introducing your Student / Coach and detailing the time of your first Ani session. We’ll include a short blurb on both the Coach and the Student so you know a little about eachother before you start your Ani sessions. You will also be added to a MyAni chatroom on Skype which will include your Student, Coach and the Ani team. Please run all your sessions via the MyAni chatroom. The Ani team monitor the chat and can answer any questions should you have any.
Ani runs in 12 week cycles. All Students / Coaches start on Level 1, then after 12 weeks progress to Level 2, and so on. At the end of each stage (12 week cycles), Students and Coaches have the choice of either continuing or ending the program.
Ani was founded by siblings Ray & Mel Nazloomian, 2 Armenians who grew up in Sydney, Australia. Both are successful young business professionals who wanted to give back to their homeland. Their vision is to leverage modern technology and the vast Armenian diaspora to improve English proficiency in Armenia. Since its establishment, Ani has partnered with many fantastic, existing Armenian organizations to make its vision a reality. Ani is a non-profit organization.
We encourage you to read our website and watch our many videos. If you still want to find out more just email