Welcome to Ani

A simple way for Armenians in the diaspora to help students in Armenia learn English through skype

How it works


1. Register

Armenian students who want to learn English register as Students, Armenians from the diaspora who speak fluent English register as Coaches


2. Match

Students & Coaches are matched with each other by Ani based on common interests and time preference on when to do the Ani sessions


3. Skype

Armed with the Ani Coaching Guide, Students & Coaches meet 1:1 via skype for 30-45 min each week to converse, practice and learn English


4. Improve

Over time, Coaches help their Students improve their English proficiency one skype call at a time

Best of all it’s completely FREE! FREE for Students, FREE for Coaches

Why do it?

Are you a student in Armenia who wants to improve their English?

Ani is the best way to improve your English while having a lot of fun and making a new friend in the diaspora!

Register as a Student
Are you a fluent English speaker that wants to help students in Armenia improve their English?

Ani is the easiest & most rewarding way to directly give back. Anyone can be a Coach, all you need is 30 min per week!

Register as a Coach

Some of our Coaches

All of our Coaches are fluent English speaking Armenians from across the world


Students, Coaches, teachers and parents all love Ani!

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Ani Coaching Guide

The Ani Coaching Guide is a step-by-step lesson guide that is provided to Coaches to make running Ani sessions super easy & accessible to all


The guide is comprised of a series of fun, skype friendly, English activities that make teaching & learning English fun & easy



The Ani English activities are aligned with and reinforce what Students are learning in English class at school


Practice Speaking

The guide is centered around giving Students the opportunity to practice speaking and conversing in English



The guide provides Coaches the flexibility to help Students with their English homework or any other element of English they’re struggling with

Click here to see the Level 1 Ani Coaching Guide

About us

Our vision is that by 2025, 100% of Armenian students can speak fluent English

Ani was founded in late 2015 by siblings Ray and Mel Nazloomian, 2 Armenians born and raised in Australia who were startled by the fact that only 4% of Armenians today could speak fluent English. Knowing how important speaking fluent English was in an increasingly globalized world they were interested in exploring how modern technology could be leveraged to mobilize the 9m+ Armenians around the world to help improve English proficiency in Armenia. They soon met Gevorg & Lilit, both from Yerevan who had recently struggled with this very thing – they knew how important English was to their futures, they wanted to improve their English, but couldn’t easily or affordably access resources to make this a reality. Together, Ray, Mel, Gevorg & Lilit set out on a journey to create a simple, scalable, powerful platform which they hope will mean that every Armenian student can speak fluent English by 2025. In 2019, AGBU saw the power of the program and decided take Ani into it’s arms and help realize the full vision of Ani.

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